Bringing innovative solutions that enable drop-out free,reliable, low latency A/V contribution and distribution.

APT is over 30 years of expertise delivering exceptional audio quality on a solid, reliable platform. Hundreds of prestigious radios and broadcasters like the BBC World Service, NHK in Japan or RTL in France trust us to transport their audio streams during outdoor broadcasts or between their studio and broadcasting sites such as the Eiffel Tower. 

In addition to customers in the broadcast field, we also serve the Professional Audio community and other businesses in need of a top quality broadcast solution. Our current range of IP audio codecs and our remote solution for live audio/video streaming continue to lead the field with the same level of commitment to quality, reliability and innovation we have always shown.

Pioneers in AoIP

Back in 2004, driven to meet the high expectations of the audio post-production market and with IP technology 
still in its infancy, APT designed and delivered the first audio codec that could transport 
high quality audio in real time over an IP network. Specially commissioned by 
Skywalker Sound the sound division of Georges Lucas Film (Star Wars)
the APT SkyLink product was disruptive and was used as a tool for remote talent, producers or sound engineers 
to review a 5.1 mix over managed IP link. The SkLink became the cornerstone upon which APT has built its reputation for 
IP Audio and the resulting expertise has been rolled out to other broadcast products. 

Why Choose APT?

Audio Quality

The highest signal fidelity, which we established from the beginning with Enhanced aptX. Protect the fidelity 
of your content and avoid 
listener fatigue and tune out!

Reliability & Latency

As the Low-Delay Company, we have redefined transmission latency and all APT products convey this ethos. With SureStream, the Internet is evolving into a highly reliable low-delay network.

Maximum Savings

APT products save you money. 
SureStream, Enhanced aptX and Composite/MPX transmission constitute an eco-system that provides highly available and high quality audio distribution outside of expensive transmission paths.

APT Customers

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Our Experts

WorldCast Systems counts among its team some of the industry's leading experts on audio/video transport. 
Not only do they know what they're talking about, they are extremely passionate about bringing only the best solutions to our customers.

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Ken Kearney
Deputy Group Tech Strategy

Founder of the Open Audio Network (OAN) in the 1990s and expert in WorldNet Oslo at APT, Hartmut joined WorldCast Systems in 2005.  As the Audio codecs and IP network expert, he was the driving force behind the innovative APT SureStream Technology. Hartmut plays a significant role in the development of IP codecs and the alignment of sales strategy.

Hartmut Foerster
APT Product Manager / 
IP Application Engineer

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Kevin Campbell
APT Sales Director

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Willie Woodside
Technical Support

Audio / Video
Contribution & Distribution

APT codecs offer the reliability, quality, and redundancy required by broadcasters for applications such as Studio-Transmitter links, studio networking and remote broadcasting/OBs. With both stereo and multi-channel audio platforms available, APT units can be deployed as a simple STL, a large-scale broadcast audio network or an audio distribution installation for commentary or in-store music.

With the new APT Mobile SureStreamer solution, we have extended our contribution/distribution expertise to include low latency, high quality video transmission from the field to the studio.


Remote broadcasting

Remote studio codecs

Studio to transmitter link (STL)

Secure IP transport

Want All The Details on Audio Over IP?
Download the APT Guide to AoIP

The Essential Guide to Audio over IP for broadcasters

Highlights & Innovations

Smart Algorithms For oustanding audio quality

To ensure that broadcasters can offer the very best sounding content around, every APT audio codec offers the ability to deliver both pure, uncompressed, linear audio and the high-performance, low-delay aptX enhanced algorithm as standard. 

aptX Enhanced offers broadcasters a unique feature set delivering audio quality indistinguishable from linear at much reduced bit rates.

Based on ADPCM techniques, it offers a non-destructive approach to compression with resilience to cascading and an extremely low coding latency of under 2ms. 

To ensure maximum compatibility, many APT audio codecs also provide a wide range of other coding algorithms whether as standard or as options.

Dual stream redundancy for optimal reliability,
zero drop outs, zero jitter, lowest latency

APT SureStream Technology is a revolutionary innovation from APT that enables broadcasters to use inexpensive IP links and still maintain professional broadcast-grade audio quality and reliability.It delivers the audio quality and reliability you expect from a T1/E1 link at a fraction of the associated cost. APT SureStream Technology also offers the added benefit of « Always-On Redundancy ». With APT SureStream technology, you can save thousands on your audio transport bills and still offer your listeners the highest quality sound.


  • Save money by using public internet links
  • Deliver high quality audio
  • Lowest latency

Fully Digital Transfer

Both the APT IP Codec and the AoIP Codec Module offer support for Digital MPX/Composite enabling fully digital distribution of the Digital MPX/Composite signal using an AES connection over an IP network. 

This 100% digital path eliminates D/A and A/D conversions which may cause degradation of signal quality and could introduce distortion. 

For maximum compatibility with existing analog MPX/Composite equipment, the AoIP card provides support for both Analog and Digital MPX transmission. Offering analog-analog, analog-digital and digital-digital MPX/Composite distribution all on a single platform provides broadcasers with a solution for the current needs and a clear and affordable migration path for the future.


  • Cost reduction by drastically reducing the number of hardware making up the STL portion of your broadcast chain
  • Eliminates the need for multiple hardware such as RDS encoders, stereo generators and audio processors at multiple transmitter sites as only one is needed at the studio source.
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Overmodulation cancellation
  • Flexibility - hybrid technologies mixing analog composite with digital composite/MPX are easily achievable
  • Studio positioning of audio processors means easier for serving and adjustments
  • APT codecs have low latency and latency control for MPX/Composite signals.
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The "Audio Solution Toolset" 
For Ultimate Resilience

APT codecs are full of many innovative and unique features. Combined, these features offer a highly resilient architecture that is inherently redundant and self-governing in terms of audio routing and backup. This "Audio Package" is composed of the following core elements: 

  • SureStream
  • ScriptEasy
  • Packet Forwarding
  • Multicast/Multiple Unicast Relocation

Similar to a ring topology with drop and insert capabilities used in E1/T1 networks but with all the flexibility and cost-savings of IP, the Audio Package is the ultimate solution for delivering a resilient audio over IP network. They can be deployed all together or in any combination to make it a perfect fit to each project.

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Advanced telemetry & remote control with scripteasy

ScriptEasy is the revolutionary facility control software developed by WorldCast Systems to give users the power and flexibility to create “Smart” sites; ones that can automatically take action to correct any critical errors that affect operations.

Featuring an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), ScriptEasy incorporates GPIO functions, serial communications, logic operators, live user inputs, timers and more. This allows the site operations to be “scripted”, to allow evaluation of multiple parameters and even automatically engage backup systems, while simultaneously alerting relevant technical personnel.


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Product Line


AoIP - MPX/Composite - ISDN - E1T1 - Dante

The APT Codec 
that fits your needs

Secure IP Transport

A Game Changer for Remotes & OBs

APT Mobile SureStreamer

Low latency remote broadcast solution for high quality audio and video streaming

Experience industry-leading reliability, connectivity, and low latency for live remote broadcasting. Compatible with most portable IP codecs, this Plug-and-Play solution makes live and local broadcasting easier than ever.

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APT Mobile SureStreamer

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