APT SureStream is a revolutionary technology for robust, low cost, and low latency audio / video transport over IP. 

This innovation enables broadcasters to deliver the high professional broadcast-grade audio/video quality you expect from a T1/E1 link, but at a fraction of the assoicated cost. 

APT SureStream Technology also offers the added benefit of «Always-On Redundancy». With APT SureStream technology, you can save thousands on your audio transport bills and still offer your listeners the highest quality sound.

Redundancy That Keeps You On-Air

Automatic Switching

The Ecreso changeover solution is the optimal solution for radios that cannot afford 24/7 immediate on-site maintenance. When a fault arises, a smart & steady algorithm automatically switches from the main transmitter to the reserve trasmitter based on program priority and the level of severity. 

From 1+1 to 8+1 Solutions

Highly flexible, Ecreso solutions meet the needs of small and large scale radio broadcasting with a scalable system capable of monitoring up to 8 FM transmitters simultaneously and to back them up with one reserve unit. 

Highly Reliable Hardware

Our products are designed to provide the highest reliability and to STAY ON-AIR! Robust components and security loops have been implemented to protect the complete system and ensure maximum uptime. 
Then, in the event of control unit fault, the transmitters stay on-air with their latest configuration.  

Fully Configurable By Web Interface

The Ecreso 1+1 and N+1 solutions natively provide a remote access to the unit to simplify maintenance operations.  

From a standard web browser, the operators have access to the full configuration including:

Program priorities  

Switching time

Customizable switching conditions  

Looking For Optimal Redundancy?

We've Got You Covered.

N+1 System

Ecreso N+1 unit

WorldCast Systems provides extremely reliable N+1 systems as complete turnkey solutions with customized and compact rack integrations. The ECRESO N+1 control unit can manage up to 8 FM programs (up to 8+1 systems). Using standard SNMP protocol, any fault on the main transmitter is automatically detected by the ECRESO N+1 which switches to the reserve transmitter.

The ECRESO N+1 supplies the intelligence for the system and all delays, program priorities, switching conditions and many other parameters are fully configurable.

The control unit is fully equipped with all interfaces: safety loops, CAN bus and RF switches (from N to 1’5/8). The ECRESO N+1 provides powerful control through its intuitive Web based interface and, for local and manual operation, the front panels offer fast and easy access through screens, status LEDs and buttons for manual switching or other actions.

The N+1 system also includes a set of AUDIO/MPX SWITCH equipment (fully managed by the ECRESO N+1) that feeds the correct audio/composite signals to the reserve transmitter.


1+1 Redundancy

Ecreso Control Unit

Ecreso can provide highly reliable Dual Drive and 1+1 systems for complete transmitter redundancy. At the heart of these redundant systems is the ECRESO CONTROL UNIT which can detect any fault and automatically switch to the reserve transmitter or exciter in case of failure of the on-air system. It can also act as the central management unit of your Ecreso FM Transmitter.

The ECRESO CONTROL UNIT can be equipped with GPIOs and TCP/IP communications for web and SNMP based monitoring and control.

Features Comparison

1+1 Solution

Standard Features

  • Detects TX alarms and switches to reserve unit
  • Easy front panel Status & Configuration
  • RF Switch commands & monitoring
  • TCP/IP with Web, SNMP, AMI
  • Front panel, Serial, CAN and Interlock

Hardware option

  • GPIO board
  • Surge suppressor

N+1 Solution

Standard Features

  • Up to 8+1 system management
  • Detects TX alarms and switches to reserve unit
  • Easy front panel Status & Configuration
  • RF Switch commands & monitoring
  • TCP/IP with Web, SNMP, AMI
  • Front panel, Serial, CAN and Interlock
  • GPIOs

Hardware option

  • Surge suppressor

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