AUDEMAT FM MC5 is the most comprehensive and versatile measurement platform available for FM in the world today. Its main function is to help broadcasters, operators, and regulation authorities ensure the best FM service is being offered to listeners while respecting all FM regulations.

This all-in-one system offers both mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis in a single comprehensive system. 

Based on a fully digital technology, it offers exceptional test and measurement accuracy. 

Unique on the market, the Audemat FM MC5 offers an unmatched level of versatility and accuracy as well as a smart and practical design. Fully portable and lightweight, it radically simplifies on-site commissioning and drive tests. 

Audemat FM MC5

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Versatile Equipment

Highly versatile and multifunction, this all-in-one solution includes FM drive tests, a signal test generator, modulation analyzer, and measurement commissioning …Practical, this single unit can replace multiple, often bulky equipment.

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High Measurement
Accuracy & Reproducibility

Fully digital, the Audemat FM MC5 provides high-accuracy measurement & offers user-customizable measurement reports. Its market-leading reproducibility performance enables unmatched levels of precision thanks to its incredible 100dB noise floor and its completely mathematical signal demodulation.

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Built-In Tools

Users benefit from built-in tools such as an easy-to-use Graphic User Interface and the automatic generation of measurement reports. The Audemat FM MC5 also performs simultaneous measurement and provide a proprietary API for automation sequence measurement.

Technology Highlights

GoldenEar Algorithm

The "Golden" Tool For Drive Tests

Onboard the Audemat FM MC5, the GoldenEar algorithm improves the Drive Test feature by providing a mathematical and objective quality rating of the FM signal received during a drive test. 

Used by major broadcasters and regulators for decades, this software technology simplifies analysis and reporting. 

Powerful Functions. Powerful Insights. 

A Wide Scope Of Services
For Optimal Performance

To ensure you benefit from all the help, support, and information you need to make sure 
your system continues running at optimal performance and with all the latest
 upgrades, it is accompanied with a mandatory 3-year service agreement, 
available in Standard and Premium levels.

Standard SLA

Premium SLA


Calibration Every 3 Years

Software Upgrade

Priority Support

Video Training


Free Warranty Extension

Includes Standard Services

On-Site Calibration By Certified Technician

Loaner During Repair & Calibration

Individual Training

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