We bring you a solution to ensure operational continuity across your end-to-end value chain from media acquisition, production, and distribution in an increasingly digital and IP-environment.​​​​​​

The WorldCast Manager is a unique software solution centralizing and unifying the monitoring and management of all connected devices across one or multiple sites. It offers a unique combination of modules to oversee the entire ecosystem and comes with a built-in ticket & incident tracking platform tied to a powerful analytics & reporting engine. 

Leveraging its advanced auto-pilot configuration engine, the WorldCast Manager is the fastest network monitoring solution to deploy. Following the automated scan, the WorldCast Manager identifies and starts monitoring all your devices within minutes if not seconds. 

It can be installed on any physical or virtual host that matches our specifications. It can be run on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment


Current Version: 3.14

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Customer Story

ams in Germany shares his experience using the WorldCast Manager (aka KYBIO Media)


Maximizes Equipment Uptime

  • Real-time alarms and notifications for immediate response
  • Time-based reporting and root-cause analysus enabling proactive decision-making

Saves Time for Operations

  • Mobile for on-the-field team efficiency
  • Ticket management, assignments & event resolution tracking
  • Autopilot configuration engine for lightning fast deployment

Data Security

  • Decentralized grid architecture protects data locally
  • Protects data at all times thanks to built-in encryption and secure protocols

Scalable & Openness

  • Plug-in to any third-party or in-house technology with open protocols and APIs
  • Flexible open-driver policy
  • Scalable and resilient from small to massive network sizes

Powerful Modules To Oversee Your End-to-End Operations

Central Dashboard


Dive-In synoptics

Tmeline Analytics

We Promise You A Great User Experience

Powerful Modules

Simple To Deploy & Use

Sleek Modern Look


see image from POWERPOINT (driver creation, DevOps, Server installation.......)


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