APT Mobile SureStreamer is a mobile network access solution which elevates the quality of professional live remotes and OBs.

It comes in a lightweight bag and works with many existing IP codecs to offer broadcasters and content providers with a resilient solution to broadcast top-quality audio and video content for their desktop remotes, sports casting, and any on-the-field news reports.

It brings industry-leading reliability, connectivity, and low latency for live remote broadcasting.

The APT Mobile SureStreamer maintains latency so low it lets you broadcast from multiple locations simultaneously (such as panel discussions, split location radio shows or multi-arena sports coverage) with rock-solid streaming and zero packet losses.

Current Version: 3.2

APT Mobile SureStreamer

Built for the needs of on-the-field campaigns

Ultra-Low Latency
& Zero Drop-outs

Ease of Use
Plug & Play

Compatibility With 
Most Portable IP Codecs

Operating Costs

Discover APT Mobile SureStreamer

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All components  (showing at IBC show)

Complete solution



Applications for
high quality transport of audio and video streams

Sports casting

On-the-road (OB van; bicycle...)

Desktop remotes

Drone video gathering

How Does It Work? 

Instead of transmitting one copy of the data (audio/video) between the encoder and the receiver, the APT Mobile SureStreamer 
sends multiple copies across different paths. This ensures resilience and the optimal quality of the reconstructed stream. 


The core technology behind this mobile solution? SureStream

(image from MSSr video slides, slide 6)

With APT SureStreamer, any codec brand can be enhanced with SureStream!

APT SureStreamer

For broadcasters who are already using another codec but wish to benefit from the cost savings and reliability offered by SureStream without investing in a new codec hardware, the APT SureStreamer is the perfect solution.

APT SureStreamer can be used as a standalone unit to site in front of any existing single port IP codec with SureStream encoding and decoding, at transmitter site or studio. It can also be deployed as a multicast or multiple unicast node to reduce Telco costs significantly by migrating the stream  replication function away from the source encoder and closer to the decoding devices.


Recent Success Stories

“This product has been a game-changer for us in the number and type of remotes we have been able to do. We have broadcast from locations we wouldn’t have dreamed of in the past, setting it up is so simple and the latency it gives us is beyond our expectations and has made the biggest difference when we run a show from multiple locations simultaneously and for phone-ins we do for competitions”

- Conor Ewings, Broadcast Engineer -
Bauer Media, Northern Ireland