APT SureStream is a revolutionary technology for robust, low cost, and low latency audio / video transport over IP. 

This innovation enables broadcasters to deliver the high professional broadcast-grade audio/video quality you expect from a T1/E1 link, but at a fraction of the assoicated cost. 

APT SureStream Technology also offers the added benefit of «Always-On Redundancy». With APT SureStream technology, you can save thousands on your audio transport bills and still offer your listeners the highest quality sound.

Introducing SureStream
Affordable, Always-On Redundancy

SureStream Benefits

Save Money

You can save up to 90% on the cost of your audio transport bills by replacing your synchronous or managed IP Links with the public internet. With DSL charges typically costing from 5-10% that of a synchronous link, the potential savings are so significant that it is possible to achieve a return on your investment in under 4 months!

Deliver High Quality Audio

The audio quality of your station should not be sacrificed for the sake of cost savings. SureStream enables you to maintain consistently high audio quality with no drop-outs and no jitter. 

Keep Delay Consistent

For professional audio delivery, it is not acceptable for the signal delay to vary or to drift. The ability to maintain the delay at a consistent level is particularly useful for remote broadcast applications and local content insertion. 


SureStream offers you the same level of uptime and reliability as a ‘five nines’  Telco service. You are protected not only from drop-outs and glitches but also from a complete loss of connection!

How Does It Work?

At a basic level, SureStream is based on Redundant Streaming technology but SureStream offers much more than just duplicate streams.

SureStream employs a number of proprietary techniques that optimize the delivery of all streams throughout the network and an advanced resequencing engine that produces one perfectly seamless, reconstructed stream from the multiple streams received. 

Perfect audio from an imperfect network!


Interested in Market-Leading AoIP and VoIP? 

Experience SureStream.

APT SureStreamer

For broadcasters who are already using another codec but wish to benefit from the cost savings and reliability offered by SureStream without investing in a new hardware, the APT SureStreamer is the perfect solution.

APT SureStreamer can be used as a standalone unit to site in front of any existing single port IP codec with SureStream encoding and decoding, at transmitter site or studio. It can also be deployed as a multicast or multiple unicast node to reduce Telco costs significantly by migrating the stream  replication function away from the source encoder and closer to the decoding devices.



APT Mobile SureStreamer

The APT SureStreamer unit comes as an integrated mobile solution within the APT Mobile SureStreamer solution for remotes and OBs.

This mobile network access solution elevates the quality of remote broadcasting by sending high quality audio and video reliably using 3G/4G/5G with the lowest delay. 

Experience the future of remote broadcasting!



APT IP Codec

APT IP Codecs are all compatible with SureStream technology through a simple software upgrade. 

Feature-packed and cost-competitive, the APT IP CODEC (formerly known as WorldCast Horizon NextGen) offers the most complete set of IP features ever included in APT’s extensive range and features both our revolutionary “SureStream” technology and intelligent ScriptEasy scripting. This next generation IP audio codec also offers a wide range of algorithms as standard on a solid DSP platform with dual IP ports and redundant power supplies. 


All APT products are SureStream compatible

What People Are Saying

"SureStream technology has made possible something that was conventionally assumed to be impossible: having a high quality, real-time audio link over the open Internet."

- Dan Houg, Chief Engineer -
Northern Community Radio, USA

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